This post was inspired by the post 6 Ways Successful People Start the Day, and Crafting Rituals from Coaching Really Works.

What are your morning rituals that help you start the day on the right foot? This doesn’t necessarily involve rote behaviours like brushing your teeth (though it could!) but I’m referring more to routines & rituals that put your entire being in the proper place to kick start the day.


How to Start the Day from Funders and Founders

Personally, I prefer to ease into my day starting with waking between 6–7am. After I brush my teeth and take my morning vitamins I like to walk in the garden and just breathe to refill my lungs with the early morning oxygen. I do some light Qi Gong & Tai Chi movements followed by upper-body stretches for my neck, shoulders & back. When I go back inside I do a few more Qi Gong & Tai Chi movements.

From here, I’ll do different things depending on how I feel but 99% of the time it will include Meditation and a psychological clearing exercise which I’ve adopted from various sources. I’m also on Reddit and I collect subreddits that make me smile in the morning. A few you might want to consider are:

And that’s roughly when I feel I can start my day.

Photo of sun shining through the trees is owned by Frank Wuestefeld and is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic.


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