I love learning about how that chunk of meat in my skull works mostly because he’s the one really calling the shots in my life. When I do something, or when I don’t feel motivated to do another thing, it can all be traced back to my brain. So it’s probably in my best interest to learn how that little guy does his job.

(And yes I do see the absurdity that is my brain telling me that I should learn about how it works. Let’s just run with it.)

If you’ve got 30 minutes and share my interest I recommend watching Meet your brain: an introduction to neuroscience over at Udemy. It gives a really good overview of the different structures and functions of the brain as it pertains to human behaviour. It covers topics including stress, interpersonal interactions and motivation all in about 30 minutes.

Did I mention that the course is also free?

This lecture series serves as a “teaser” for the trainer’s other courses. And if you want to learn more the final lecture gives a hefty discount if you want to sign up for any of them. I am currently half-way through the Master your brain course and am loving it.


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